Silver Pomfret – Paplet


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Silver Pomfret – Paplet fish is seasonal and one of our favourite single bone seawater fish. Available in different size, it has wonderful flavour and it’s taste improves with it’s size. It is in huge demand and stocks are best available during it’s season which is from July till February. Silver Pomfret is a great option for Tandori or fried fish with head removed and cuts.

Nutrition Info

Scientific Name Pampus argenteus

Origin Arabian Sea – Indain Ocean.

Nutritional Information (per 100 g)

KCal 92
Protein 18.3 g
Carbohydrates 0 g
Sugars 0
Fat 2.1
Saturates 0.60 g
Salt 94 mg

Health Benefits

Good for Heart
Clears up Blood Vessels
Omega 3 fats helps preventing rheumatoid arthritis. Joints become more strong
Keeps eyes bright and healthy
Relieve in breathing diseases like Asthma
Helps in skin glow and prevents ageing.
Improves Brainpower


It’s always best to eat the fresh fish at earliest possible – preferably on the same day of purchase. If needed, pack the fish with ice and store in your refrigerator. For freezing, put the fish straight into the deep freezer as soon as you receive it. Remember that the oily fish do not normally freeze like white fish, so keep it no longer than 2 months.

TIP: Always write the date on your package when freezing. Once you’ve defrosted the fish, it is not advisable to re-freeze it again.


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